Why You Should Have an Audio Version of Your Book

How to create and market an audio book.

Why Audiobooks are Important

In the past few years the popularity of audiobooks has explode, and that interest will only continue to grow in the years to come, much like the way we saw eBooks grow. Adding an audio format for you book can be a great option for marketing and it doesn't have to be expensive either. 

You might have noticed that podcasts have also exploded in popularity. A new on-the-go generation wants content they can consume anywhere, anytime, hands free. So audio is definitely the new way to reach readers. 

ACX (the audiobook creation exchange) is a great way to create and produce a audio version of your book and one added avenue for marketing and profiting off your novel. It's easy to use and gives you that added professionalism to your published material.

How to Create an Audio Book with ACX

ACX is a platform designed for authors to create and produce audiobooks. Whether you are traditionally published or self published, so long as you still own the audio rights to your work (which are separate from other publishing rights) then you can use AXC to create your audiobook.

ACX is an affiliate of Amazon which makes publishing with them very simple. You just create an ACX account and then find your already published content on Amazon and the site will automatically link the two together. This means that you'll be able to make the manuscript available for potential narrators to view.

You can choose to record and produce the audiobook yourself, in which case all you have to do is upload the audio files to ACX, or, if you don't have any narration experience yourself, you can hire a professional narrator directly from the site.

If you want to hire a narrator then you have two options: 

You can pay a narrator an upfront fee to voice your book.


ACX allows you to offer a deal to the narrators: In exchange for 50% of the future audiobook royalties, the voice artist will narrate the audiobook for free.

Paying a professional narrator can be expensive, so even though you're losing 50% of your royalties with the second option, it's a great way to obtain an audiobook on a small budget. 

To find a narrator all you have to do is upload a sample of the book and make it available for auditions. Interested narrators will record the section you've uploaded and resubmit it for you to listen to and review. Then all you have to do is select the voice you like best.

Once you've selected a narrator and they've recorded the whole book for you, ACX will automatically link the audiobook to the eBook and paperback versions already available on Amazon, and readers will be able to purchase and listen to your book through Amazon or Audible. 

How to Market your Audiobook

Even if readers don't normally buy audiobooks, having that alternate format available on Amazon makes your book look that much more professional. 

Sometimes finding readers specifically interested in buying audiobooks can be tough, but you've just got to think like a consumer. If a reader prefers audio, then they'll likely find your book through other audio platforms like YouTube of Podcasts. YouTube offers ads and there are lots of podcasts that will run ads as well. With podcasts it's good to find book related podcasts or podcasts that have something in common with your genre or niche. That way you know you're targeting the right audience. 

Find bloggers, reviewers, or book-influencers who have a niche in audiobooks. There are many who exclusively read audiobooks and this means that their followers and audience are likely interested in audiobooks as well. 

Though YouTube is audio and visual, there are many people who only listen to clips or videos, so it's a good place to start when trying to find a place to advertise. By reaching out to BookTubers to review your audiobook you could manage to get a great foothold in the audiobook market. ACX also provides you with a number of free links you can give away to bloggers or reviewers in exchange for reviews so it will cost you nothing to provide them with a free copy of the finished audiobook. 

How Audio Books Boost your Book's Recognition

Having an audiobook version of your book allow you to break into entirely new areas of marketing and to reach a portion of readers who you might have been unable to reach before. 

Whenever you're creating ads for your book you can say that your book is available in three formats, this makes sure that you're reaching the widest audience possible. 

Having an audio version also provides you with audio snippets of your book which is a great way to market your novel. The audio snippets can be uploaded to your website or social media. Sound is a great way to capture someone's attention quickly, so even readers who may not listen to audiobooks may hear the excerpt an decide to buy your book in another format. 

Having the additional formats of your book works to reach more people and boost your book's overall recognition. 

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