Why a book is your best marketing tool

You're not selling books, you're selling you!

Books are great for the launch of an expert or service. The book will grow your business if you simply provide information or offer a full-scale service.

Your book is your best marketing tool 

When it comes to establishing yourself as the go-to person for a product or service, there are few tools more effective than an expertly written book.

More than any other single kind of promotional item, a book gets you taken seriously, makes you memorable, and allows you to stand out from the crowd that's flogging similar services or products. 

A book can truly help you grow or quickly launch your expert or service-based business. Whether you're a consultant, information product creator, motivational speaker, or accountant, there are few areas where writing a book doesn't help you promote yourself and your business.

3 marketing strategies for your book

What makes a book a different kind of marketing tool? Well, one important measure is cost - once you market your book properly, you can generate the kind of media coverage that would otherwise cost you thousands or even tens of thousands. That doesn't mean you can just lay back and bask in your newfound fame. In lieu of spending huge amounts of marketing money, a book allows you to invest time to get the same results. 

Talk to everybody 

You have to go the blogs or social media sites where people talk about your particular topic, whether that's investing or health advice or making upside-down pineapple cheesecake. You've got to email talkshow hosts to tell them about your book and request an interview on their show. And then you've got to research their shows so you'll know how they do interviews and can be prepared and better able to establish a rapport.

Your book makes you an expert

Sounds like a lot of work? It is. But it's because you have a book that you can utilize these avenues, unlike the poor shmuck who may know just as much as you about growing prize-winning sunflowers but hasn't shared their vast knowledge on this subject on the printed or e-ink page.

Your book is a key to important doors

Apart from promoting your book through media, just being known as an author gets you networking opportunities where you otherwise wouldn't even get a foot through the door, no matter how skilled your podiatrist. If you've written a book on investing, for example, it makes a big difference if you send a potential client a copy of your book before requesting a meeting. And the same holds if your area of expertise is in public speaking or hospital management.

Your book builds your personal relationships, too

A book also allows you to do legacy marketing. Every other kind of promotion is ephemeral - even if it works, it only works for today and you hope the campaign has future returns. But a book can be used to advertise to readers - i.e. potential customers - over and over again. 

Moreover, a book has multiple business uses - you can use it for staff, customers, and investors. (A book is also an achievement on the personal front, since your family and friends will be your biggest supporters. Note that that can also make them your most effective marketers.)

Having a book impresses people

Bottom line: a book gets you taken seriously. It doesn't matter if you had a co-writer or even a ghostwriter. When you have published a book, even if the actual words went from your mouth to somebody else's keyboard, you have still put your knowledge, your expertise and, most of all, yourself out there in the public domain. 

That takes a certain level of chutzpah and, when it comes to establishing yourself as an authority or expert, nothing's more impressive than chutzpah (except, of course, your actual knowledge or expertise or experience.)

Think like an entrepreneur, and think about how you can use your expertise to position yourself as a credible, experienced expert.. You're an authority figure in books.

How much money do you make if you write a book?

Think of books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, or Getting Things Done by David Allen. These authors got rich from their books, but not because of book sales (though those figures were pretty impressive.) But the real payoff came from the opportunities for consulting, coaching and, especially, speaking engagements? There aren't many jobs where you make $10,00 in 45 minutes just talking.

A book generates other earning opportunities

Similarly, a book helps you develop online courses, which can be a significant revenue generator. And, if you already offer online courses, producing a book enhances your image and authority. The same is true of blogging - taking your posts and making them into a book is an excellent promotional strategy, even though all the material is already available on your blog.

Does your book help others?

Bear in mind, though, that writing a book is just one step in this process (albeit the most essential one.) Whether your topic is debt reduction, career change or putting baby to sleep, you and your book have to create value for other people through your expertise, your experience, or just your engaging story. Put another way, you have to transform people's lives in some way, whether big or small. Your book positions you as a credible authority.

Get your book noticed

Then you have to make sure that your book gets attention. Although media attention is useful, this isn't sufficient in today's online world of book publishing.   Companies like FiveaBook make sure your book not only reaches many readers, but also the right kind of readers, by ensuring that you get reviews that are published on high-traffic sites.

If you've been searching for a strategy to give your business a boost or generate more opportunities for yourself, a book is the way to go. 

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