How to Use Editorial Reviews on Amazon

Use this little known tool to sell you book!

Reviews are a great way to sell and market your book. In fact, many readers look to the review section before even reading the back blurb or description. The opinions of your readers matter and they can be used to further market your book. 

By using Amazon's unique Editorial review section you can make sure that the best reviews are the ones your readers will see first. 

What are Editorial Reviews?

An editorial review typically means a review that a book receives from a magazine or other professional publication that goes to prove it's validity in it's field. You'll frequently find them in science or health genres and are usually supplied by doctors or specialists. 

But Amazon doesn't have a restriction on where editorial reviews come from which means that even if you're a fiction author you can utilize Editorial reviews too! 

You can get reviews from any source and add them to the editorial review section for your book. 

This means that you'll get to choose only the most positive and convincing endorsements of your book. It also means that you can use reviews on other sites, such as a blog or Instagram, and have them appear on your book's Amazon page. 

What Makes Editorial Reviews Different?

In 2016, Amazon banned their fee based review service. That means they excluded any reviews that the author paid money for. 

But the Editorial reviews don't have those restrictions. If you bought a review from a big publication such as Readers Digest then you normally wouldn't be able to post that review on Amazon, but because the Editorial review section is intended as a place for paid advertisements or endorsements, you're able to post any sort of review you'd like. 

The other big difference about Editorial reviews is where they'd located on you Amazon book page. Normally reviews appear all the way at the bottom and readers have to scroll down to view them. If you have a lot of reviews then readers may have to search for specific kinds, which means the best reviews for you book could be lost in the crowd. 

Editorial reviews appear at the top, right under the description for your book. This means that they are one of the first things your readers will see. By choosing the best reviews and adding them to this section, you're ensuring that readers are seeing what people are saying about your book as soon as they land on your page. 

Amazon has also changed the way it displays reviews, giving precedence to reviews with verified purchases. 

Often the first bunch of reviews you receive are from your beta readers or from bloggers who received ARC (advanced reader copies) of you book, which means they won't be verified purchases because they received your book for free. By placing these reviews in the Editorial reviews section instead, you're ensuring they don't become lost in Amazon's algorithm. 

Where to Get Editorial Reviews

You don't just want to be reposting reviews that are already on Amazon into the Editorial review section. Because there are less restriction on Editorial reviews, you have the luxury of branching out and finding unique reviewers.

The Editorial reviews section is the only place where you can post purchased reviews, and because it ensures that those reviews are front and center on your book page, it is the most likely option for that investment to pay off. 

You can ask book bloggers or influencers to give you a review in exchange for a free copy of your book. Then, instead of getting them to post it on Amazon, you can post it in the Editorial reviews. This way you can avoid the "this review was in exchange for a free copy of the book" disclaimer that Amazon requires on their normal reviews. 

You can also reach out to other authors for reviews. Try to pick authors who write similar stories or write in the same genre as you. Having a positive review that says "by the author of..." can do a lot to sway readers because it shows that you're establishing yourself in your genre. 

How to Post Editorial Reviews

You can post Editorial reviews by accessing your Amazon Author Central page. 

Then go to Books. Select the book you want to add editorial reviews to. Then click Edit Book Details. The first section you'll have the ability to edit is Review. If you have no editorial reviews then this section will simply say empty.

Click Add and begin adding in your editorial reviews. 

Check out other titles that have editorial reviews to see how they are formatted and how long they are. Choose one the best reviews and book endorsements to include in this section. 

Once you're done you can preview what your editorial review will look like and then add it to your page!

Why You Should Focus on Reviews

You may be wondering why you should spend so much time on reviews. After all, there are so many avenues of marketing you book that take a lot of time and work, where reviews are basically free.

That's exactly why you should be so focused on reviews. 

Ads are great, but even they only ensure that your readers land on your Amazon page where they will ultimately look at the reviews to make a final decision on whether or not to purchase your book. 

The main source of sales for most writers is Amazon. That means that all other marketing efforts are designed to send readers to Amazon to buy your book. By using the Editorial review section you can make sure that all your other advertising is paying off.  

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