How to sell your book to niche readers

Can philosophy sell? If marketed right, you bet!

It's the dream of nearly every author to write a bestseller, especially those writers who most insist that they don't care if their book becomes a bestseller or not.

Sales, like Einstein, are relative

But "bestseller" can be a relative term. A legal thriller, for instance, becomes a bestseller when millions of people buy it. But a non-fiction book about, say, organic tomato farming, could legitimately be considered a bestseller if only a few thousand people buy it.

So is popularity

So suppose your your book doesn't deal with a popular topic? That means marketing becomes more, rather than less, important. After all, you wrote on your favorite subject not so much for fame and fortune (though those would be nice) but because your topic - whether its grasshoppers, tool maintenance, or the fine art of nail polish - is something that deeply interests you.

Passion is the secret to sales

Find your passion. Find a book you're really interested in.. Then look for a market that's hungry for the book. How do you make money out of your passion?

If that's the case, you've made the first important step in marketing: written a good book. How is that? Because when someone is passionate about a topic, they generally know all the important things about it and their interest is infectious. 

When you can communicate that passion through your words, readers who already share your interest will buy your book and even people who don't may read it just because readers like to learn new things and share other people's passions.

Good prose seduces

In fact, they might read your book just because of the writing. As the famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once wrote, "Effectiveness of assertion is the Alpha and Omega of style. He who has nothing to assert has no style and can have none: he who has something to assert will go as far in power of style as its momentousness and his conviction will carry him."

50 Shades of Philosophy

You also shouldn't be too hasty to assume what readers might or might not be interested in. Take philosophy. Just say the word and it immediately conjures up old beared men mumbling polyllabyllic words while peering over their trifocals.

Yet Sophie's World, a 1991 novel by Norwegian Jostein Gardner about the history of philosophy, was translated into over 50 languages and had more than 30 million copies in print.

Find your book niche

Get laid, get paid, and you'll live forever.. The niches are not profitable in the season. Only a few of the green niches are profitable. How do you choose the profitable niche?

That doesn't mean you shouldn't research the market to see what readers like. Book sales figures show that there are about 100 profitable niche topics that writers can make money in, some seasonal but some that sell steadily at any time. 

Those niches break down into broad categories: getting laid, getting paid, and living forever (no, we couldn't find a, "aid" rhyme for immortality.) Gardener's book became a bestseller because it was about eternal questions that come under the third niche.

If you're writing fiction, choose a strategy that's exclusive or broad. If you're writing a non-fiction book, choose a niche-only retailer. The financial side of amazon is unlikely to change the financial side of amazon.

You still have to reach even the limited number of people who might find your book fascinating, though. You must publish on Amazon, but make sure you don't sign up for their KDP program. If you do, you don't be able to publish on other platforms. That's not a good strategy for a book with a very specific appeal.

Find a target market for the book. You know the market well before you write it. It's critical to success.

A market for nearly every topic 

First, you have to identify the target market for your book - i.e. people who are interested in nail polish. A good starting-point is studying the categories on Amazon (which you need to do to choose your keywords, anyway.) What slots do your book best fit? And who are the people who use those search words?

In the marketing phase of the book, it is important to find the ideal readers early in the marketing process, so that they can be properly prepared for the general promotion.

You can't please everyone, so don't try

Counter-intuitive though it might seem, you shouldn't try to appeal to everyone. You should't even try to appeal to most people. Instead, embrace your niche. Approach persons who are experts or interested in your topic to write a review for you. If you can get 10 reviews, that's gold, but five will do. 

Sales before ads

That's enough to start off book sales. Only then should you consider spending money on advertising.

If you have a lot of good, potential blurs, ask them all.. Maybe you'll be late or you'll give a blurb that's not.

You should also ask persons who are eminent to write a blurb you can use on your book cover and inside pages and, of course, on social media. The point here isn't sales - because you're writing on a narrow subject, you're really aiming for visibility for yourself.

Be true to yourself. People will see it, they'll see it, they'll see it.. They're more likely to trust you. It's how they trust you. That's how you're selling books.

Be true to yourself. People will see it, they'll see it, they'll see it.. They're more likely to trust you. It's how they trust you. That's how you're selling books.

You are your best secret

That being the case, it's important how you market yourself. Here is where one of Shakespeare's most famous philosophical quotes applies: "To thine ownself be true." So be authentic. Do not compromise. 

Passion fans the flame of fans

When people see that you are passionate about your subject and your book, they will believe in you and believe in your book. That's how you sell copies and become known as an authority on your subject-matter: by selling yourself exactly as you are. 

No one cares what you're doing on the surface. You'll believe what you're doing and it will eventually be appreciated by those who appreciate it.

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