An author's brand increases sales

Why branding is more important for authors than prodyucts

Companies know that branding themselves effectively is a fundamental part of getting their products sold. The same is true for authors. Your books are your products, but your brand as a writer is what helps them sell.

The promotion of the author is so fundamental to the author's promotion. Lay the necessary foundations for an exceptional career. Do you want to know how to identify the genre bookshelf?

Building your author brand

Your brand is what you use in all your promotions. It is your author name, your public persona, and your image. Before creating your brand, you have to identify what all these things are. 

Figuring out your brand

After all, once your brand is out there, it will define your professional life. Start by figuring out how your brand will be defined by the kind of writing you do. What's your genre? Where do you fit within that genre? Do you expect the brand you choose to fit you in the next five years? The next ten?

You are not cattle, but

Then there are the branding tools. Do you have a professional bio? Does your website reflect you and your books? Is it organized? Does it generate buzz? Is there a theme that can be applied to all your materials, from books to blogs to personal appearance?

The logo is a clear, memorable logo that will communicate your brand in a clear, memorable way.. The logo should be simple, effective, and immediately recognizable.

Can an author logo work?

Take the best known (and most effective) branding tool: the logo. As an author, your logo represents you and your books. It is the thumbprint of your brand. When people see your logo, they recall your name and book titles without even seeing them. Assuming, that is, you have a really good logo.

Simplicity is key

An effective logo is always simple. It has no photo or painting. It's usually a single color or at most three of the primary colors, but it should also work in monochrome. A good logo is designed in vectors, so it looks exactly the same on a keychain or twenty-foot banner.

It must be instantly identifiable, can stand on its own rather than needing to be enhanced by how it is used, and can be recognized in the quickest of glances.

Always choose professional polish and choose clothing, shoes, and jewelry that reflect your brand and accentuate your assets. Always choose a wardrobe that reflects your personal brand and your professional identity.

4 ways to like a writer

Then there's personal appearance. People have an idea of what authors look like and they have different images for different kinds of writers. 

The writer character

The literary author, for example, wears a jacket but no tie. The thriller writer is expected to have a tough or worldly sort of look. The romance writer is a woman of style or glamor. The sci-fi author is a manly sort of geek.

You should try and fit the stereotype, while also making sure there's something unique about you. The image to a large extent depends on the clothes you choose. So have a professional wardrobe.

But, if fashion makes you uncomfortable, as it does for many authors, you can't go wrong sticking to the basics. Jeans, T-shirts or polo jerseys, long dress, blouse and jacket.

The brand is a creative dna that will inspire and unite all your promotional, a professional identifier as unique and powerful as you will be.

You want to participate in local and regional events to build your brand. Some of them are books, some aren't.. What are the best local and regional events you're involved in?

Meet the writer

But all these things are of limited use unless you get out there. Nothing can build your brand as effectively as actually meeting the fans. 

Wordsmith word of mouth

After all, word of mouth remains the most powerful marketing tool. Over 90 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know and about 70 percent will take the word of strangers who post reviews on relevant websites or blogs. Nothing - nothing! - is better at generating sales than authentic enthusiasm from readers.

That's why fantasy author Seth Skorkowsky has a blog about nerdly things and why he takes speaking gigs at gamer conventions. It's why author Marian McCarthy, who writes about military life, gives talks and blogs on a variety of subjects unrelated to her novels.

Write talk venues

So build your author brand by going to speak at seminars, book signings, writing retreats, and conventions. 

Be there and the market will find you.. Your public identity can act as a social shield to protect you and your job.

The writer - a party exotic animal 

You should even go to parties. Your public persona is both your shield and the device that keeps you on task. At a party, you're the energy and the entertainment. Put forward your best professional foot.

As a brand-name writer, that's part of the job.

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