Frequently Asked Questions for Reviewers

Complete your reviewer profile to maximize your eligibility for book promos

Can’t wait to start looking for your next free read? Setting up your Fiveabook reviewer account takes about five minutes and you only need to do it once. Here is what you will need:

An Amazon account

One of the following: a Kindle device, a FireTablet, or a phone or tablet with the Kindle app installed

Optional (but highly recommended): a Goodreads account

Now, let’s set up your reviewer account.

Make sure you are on a Desktop computer (not mobile phone or small tablet).

Open your web browser.

Go to the Amazon website that you use in your country. For example, if you are in the UK, go to

Log in to your Amazon account.

Amazon country

Open a new tap in your web browser.

Log in to your Fiveabook account and go to Profile & settings > General settings.

Please make sure you have selected the correct country in Amazon Kindle country. This step is important to ensure you are only shown promos that you can actually claim. Otherwise, you might end up receiving an Amazon gift link that you cannot accept or redeem. What a bummer that would be, for both you and the author!

Amazon profile link

Next, please go to Reviewer settings.

Let’s enter your Amazon profile link. This is simply the link (url) of your personal Amazon profile.

You can get your profile link by clicking on Visit your Amazon profile in the directions on the left column. Alternatively, you can go to Amazon, click on Account & Lists > Your Account and then on Profile, under Ordering and shopping preferences.

Copy the profile link from your browser’s address bar, and paste it in Amazon profile link.

Kindle email

Next, we will add your Kindle email and authorize it to receive books from Fiveabook.

This is the email you use to send documents or books to your Kindle device or app. It looks like this:

In Fiveabook, Reviewer settings, in the left column, you will find directions that advise you to…

“You must also add to your Approved Personal Document E-mail List”

Copy or take a note of the email address that is in bold. This is the address you will be receiving books from, by Fiveabook. You will need to give it to Amazon so that they can trust me and not delete the books we send you.

Go to Amazon, click on Account & Lists > Your account > Content and Devices. Click on Preferences in the top menu. Browse down to Personal Document Settings, and click on it.

Now, scroll down a bit and you will see the Approved Personal Document E-mail List. This is the list of emails that are allowed to send books to your Kindle. Click on Add a new approved e-mail address and add the email you copied in the previous step. Fiveabook can now send books to your Kindle!

Scroll up a bit. You will see a list of every Kindle email address you have, one for each Kindle device or app. These addresses end with Do not confuse them with the email address.

Copy or note down the Kindle email address of the device or app where you want to receive your Fiveabook books.

Return to Fiveabook, Reviewer settings. Paste the email address you just copied in Kindle email.

Congratulations! I now know where to send your Kindle books.

Goodreads profile link

There is one last step that only takes three clicks, if you already have a Goodreads account.

If you don’t, I highly recommend making one as it will open your Fiveabook account to opportunities for books that are looking for Goodreads reviews.

In Fiveabook, Reviewer settings, click on Add Goodreads profile link. Follow the steps to link your Goodreads account.

Have fun reading and reviewing! And remember, always share your honest opinion about a book.

Go to profile & settings
Can I request books without entering my Amazon profile or Goodreads profile?

Authors and publishers are looking for reviews on Amazon, or Goodreads, or both. If you don’t want to add your Amazon profile, you will not be able to request books from publishers that are looking for Amazon reviews. The same goes for Goodreads.

Can you reserve a copy for me until I can request it?

Unfortunately, I cannot. Copies are given on a first come first serve basis. Stock is limited, so the best strategy is to request books you actually want, and write quality reviews for them. Publishers are reasonable folks and they don’t set the bar too high. Soon enough, your reviewer profile will be so strong, you will be able to request any book you want.

I completed my profile, but I still cannot request the book I want

When an author or publishers adds promo copies, they may set specific requirements for requesting a copy. For example, they may require that a reviewer has already reviewed three books through Fiveabook, before being able to request a copy of their book. If you cannot request a book, I will try to give you some feedback as to what you can do to qualify for it.

I received a book as a file sent to my Kindle, but I prefer to receive an Amazon gift link

Unfortunately, you cannot choose how you will receive the book. I decide on what type of promo you will receive at the time you request a copy. What you receive depends on what is available and what you qualify for. Either way, your reading experience will be the same or similar.

Will I get a book if I request it?

There is no guarantee that you will receive a book when you request it, even if you have filled all four bars and the request button is enabled. I do tell you right away if you made it though.

Note that, if you did not make it today, you might still make it tomorrow. Publishers may update requirements or add new stock at any time, and your performance as a reviewer progresses as you review books and as your account ages.

This ebook cannot be redeemed by customers in your country, Amazon Error

First, make sure you are logged in to your Amazon account. Then, refresh the page.

If you still see this error, it means that you don’t have the right country in Fiveabook, Profile & settings > General settings.

Go to Fiveabook, Profile & settings > General settings. Make sure you select the country where your Amazon account is registered. This is either the country of your default Amazon address, or the country in Amazon, Account & Lists, Your Account, Content and Devices, Preferences, Country/Region Settings.

This will ensure that you don’t receive book promos you cannot redeem in the future, but what do you do for the promo you already received? Unfortunately, the only thing you can do for now, is to try to add a US address to your Amazon account. You could try using the address of a friend or relative. Wait for a day or two, and then try visiting the Amazon gift link again.

The book I want is no longer in stock / I can no longer find this book!

Promo book stock is limited. A book appears in the results if there is at least one promo copy available for it. When no copies are available, the book is removed from search results. You can still visit the book’s page but it will show as not being in stock. It is up to the Author or Publisher to add more stock if they want to.

Is it possible to request a book before filling all bars?

Yes, it is. The bars indicate how far you are from being able to request that book, on average, i.e. by comparing your performance to all the promos for that book. It is possible that you qualify to request the book before all four bars a re maximized. The only way to know is to keep checking after your reviews get validated.

I wrote more reviews but I still cannot request the book I want

It takes some time for me to validate your reviews. You can ask me to validate your review in your Reviewer account, under Books you can review.

If you can still not request the book you want after I validate your reviews, this means that you still don’t have enough reviews, or that the Publisher increased the requirements for that promo, or that the promos with the lower requirements were claimed by other readers and the remaining promos have higher requirements.

Do keep in mind, that a book may have many promos and each promo may have different reviewer performance requirements.

Can I have multiple Fiveabook accounts?

Yes, you can create multiple Fiveabook accounts. However, note that the accounts must have different email addresses and that you cannot register with an email address that was registered with a social sign in (Google or Facebook).

I am a Reviewer. Why do I also have a Publisher account?

Each Fiveabook account can be used as both a Reviewer and Publisher account simultaneously. If you are a reviewer and you don’t write or publish books, then you can ignore the Publisher account section.

I lost a book! Can you send it again?


If you had received from Amazon, through a gift or prepaid link, you have to log into your Amazon account, go to Account & Lists > Your Account > Content and Devices, find the book and send a copy to your Kindle device or app.

If you receive the book directly from Fiveabook, you can log into your Fiveabook account, got o Reviewer account > Bookshelf, find the book, and click on Send button.

If you don’t remember where you got the book from, start with the second option at Fiveabook to see if you can send it from there, and if you cannot, try the first option at Amazon.

I wrote a review for the book but the book still shows under Pending reviews.

First, make sure the review is actually published on the respective website. Amazon and Goodreads may not publish your review right away, or they may publish it and remove it at their discretion and without notice.

Then, make sure you have asked Fiveabook to validate the review by clicking on the Validate button next to the book in Reviewer account > Pending reviews. Allow 24 hours for me to process it.

If the book requests reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads, you have to publish your review in both sites for it to count.

In Fiveabook, Reviewer account > Books to review, check to see if I have validated both Amazon and Goodreads reviews by checking the respective icons next to your book listing. If a Publisher has asked for both Amazon and Goodreads reviews and I have validated only one of them, then your book will continue to show up in Books to review.

Not a valid amazon profile link

Every Amazon user has a public Amazon profile link. This is a page on Amazon that shares some information about the user. It looks like this

Follow the directions above to complete your reviewer profile to find your Amazon profile link if you are not sure what it is.

Not a valid Kindle email

You might be confusing your Amazon account email, or personal email, with your Kindle email. Your Kindle email is an email address that only your Kindle device or app can read. This is the address you use to send books or documents to your Kindle via email. It should end with or Follow the directions above to complete your reviewer profile to find your Kindle email if you are not sure what it is.

Why are my reviewer bar ratings different for each book?

Your bar ratings show how far or how close you are to being able to request a review copy for that specific book. This is different for every book because different books have different promos with different reviewer performance requirements.