Frequently Asked Questions for Authors and Publishers

Start collecting Amazon book reviews in less than 5 minutes

Here is what you will need to publish your first promo and collect your first book review through Fiveabook.

  • A book that is currently published on Amazon.
  • The ASIN of the book.
  • An account with Fiveabook.
  • Optional (but recommended): The book should be on Goodreads

Now, let’s create our first promo.

There are two promo types. We recommend Gift Amazon link promos, so we will start with this.

Go to, click Account in the top menu, login, and go to Publisher Account.

Click Add promo copies.

Select Amazon Gift links as the promo type and click Next.

Enter the ASIN of the book and click Confirm ASIN. Wait for the process to finish. This might take a while.

Select the number of book promo copies you want to give away in the field titled Number of book promo copies.

Click Add to my book titles, to add the book title to your published book titles.

Because this is your first time creating a promo for this book, you will also have to add some details about the book. You only have to do this the first time.

You have to upload a book cover and select up to two categories for your book title. All other fields are optional but We recommend completing as many fields as possible.

Click Next to go to the final step.

Select where you would like the reviewer to review the book, i.e. on Amazon.

Leave the start and expiry date fields as is.

Focus on the Reviewer filter section. This is where you select your Reviewer filtering options. Only reviewers that match your criteria will be able to request this promo book copy.

We recommend that you go easy with the options. Leave them as is or set a Min reviews written at 3.

Click Submit.

Complete the payment details. We need to charge your card so we can buy Kindle copies of your book on your behalf.

Your promo will be live within a few minutes.

Go back to your Publisher Account. Click Book titles in top menu of the second card. The book title you just added should be there.

Now click Unclaimed promo copies in the top menu of the second card. The promo copy you just published should be there. If it is not, refresh the page. You can edit the promo copy until a reviewer claims it. When it is claimed, the promo will be removed from your Unclaimed promo copies.

Add promo copies

Track your book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

You will know exactly how many of the promo copies you distributed resulted to reviews.

Track removed reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Target your book promos based on reviewer performance

i.e. number of written reviews, average length of reviews, etc.

Automatically distribute your book reviews copies

as either Amazon prepaid or gift links, or book files that are delivered straight to the reviewer’s Kindle

Build traction and momentum in book releases.

Collecting reviews in the first month is important for the long-term success of the title.

Allow good books to be discovered.

By making it easier to collect reviews for new titles, good books have a higher chance to break through the ten-review barrier, and attract the attention they deserve.

Quickly filter out your lower-quality titles and focus on the good titles.

By getting quick feedback on which books are the best you can quickly allocate your resources (editing, cover redesign, marketing) to perfecting the books that have the highest chance of long-term success.

Increase your long-term book sales by collecting more reviews than your competition.

Get invaluable feedback for your books without having to wait for thousands of readers to buy them first.

Make improvements faster and get more satisfied and more repeat customers.

Save on your marketing budget by increasing the review conversion rate of your review copies.

Amazon Gift Links

Reviewers can claim Kindle book gifts directly from Amazon.

Verified reviews

Full benefit on sales rank

Each redemption counts towards sales rank

Delivered to the reviewer's Kindle

Amazon DRM

Your book is copy-protected (if activated on Amazon)

Supports all Kindle features

Whispersync, Immersion, X-Ray, etc.

May cost more

You have to buy Kindle copies of your own book to give away. You might lose the royalty when a reviewer redeems for gift card instead of book

Only US-based reviewers

Whispersync, Immersion, X-Ray, etc.

Book file

Available as a download from Kindle or Web browser, or emailed directly to the reviewer's Kindle device.

Free promo copies

No need to buy promotional copies from Amazon

Delivered to the reviewer's Kindle

Reviewers can based anywhere in the world

Non-verified reviews

No sales rank benefit

Redemptions do not count towards sales rank


The reviewer could copy your book and re-distribute it

Limited Kindle features

The book shows up under Documents in Fire tablets

Can I communicate with the reviewers?

Fiveabook does not provide any means or any identification of the reviewers. If you want to communicate with a reviewer, you have to try to reach them through the Amazon or Goodreads review.

Can I select reviewers based on their performance as a reviewer?

You cannot select specific reviewers. What you can do is set a minimum threshold for a promo copy, under which a reviewer cannot request that copy. For example, you can add a promo copy and indicate that only reviewers that have written a minimum of three reviews (through Fiveabook) can request a copy.

Can I submit multiple Gift links simultaneously?

You can submit up to 100 links in one go.

How can I submit many links in bulk but use different settings in each one?

All links you submit in bulk must share the same initial settings, but you can edit the settings after you submit them. We recommend starting with the stricter settings, and then editing each link individually in your account. Alternatively, you can submit each link individually but this may take more time.

How does a reviewer know if they can request a promo copy?

Reviewers get feedback on whether they can request a particular book, in the category results and in the book’s details page. A reviewer must be logged in to view this feedback as it is related to their account.

How many promo copies do you recommend I add for a book launch?

Anywhere between 20 and 100 copies is a good starting point. If you have just started and you are experimenting with the platform, you can try with just one promo copy. We recommend Amazon Gift link promo copies for starters.

I am confused with the book promo types. Which one is for me?

We recommend the Amazon Gift link promo types for most users. It takes more time to setup, but the reviews are verified and your book is protected and delivered by Amazon. It can also be very cheap at 30 cents per copy, if you plan it right. Choose another promo type if you know exactly why you are doing it.

I cannot find a good category fit for my book.

For now, please add your book to the category that makes the most sense or to the category where you might find the most readers. You can let us know of the category you would like to find by contacting us here.

I have added my book title and promo copy, but I don’t see my book in the category results.

It usually takes me about 5 minutes to process your book and promo and add it to the category results. On a rare occasion, where the book cover might have some nudity, it might take me up to an hour. Do check your email for any warnings about your submission. For example, you might have to re-upload your cover if it did not pass the quality check.

In how many categories can I add my book?

You must add your book to at least one category. You can add your book in up to two categories. In most cases, We recommend adding it to two categories unless putting it in a second category makes no sense.

Is my book file protected against piracy?

We do not add DRM protection to ebooks to maximize distribution reach. If you are concerned about piracy, we recommend using only the Amazon Giftlink promo type.

What countries are my promos available to?

It depends on the promo type and the target country you have chosen.

Amazon Gift link promos are only available to users with US Amazon accounts. Users with non-US Amazon accounts cannot accept gifts links, so we do not make these promos available to them.

File type promos are available to all countries because we manage the distribution of the file. You can choose to make the file available to ALL countries (recommended) or target a specific country, in case you want to collect Amazon reviews in the Amazon website they use in that country. This does not guarantee that the reviewer will review your book in that country, but it is more likely that they will. You can change your own country setting, in Profile & settings > General settings.

What happens when a reader reviews a book?

After a reviewer claims a promo copy, we will periodically check if the reviewer has left a review on the requested review sites (Amazon and/or Goodreads). When we find the review/s, we decrease the number of pending reviews by one and increase the number of validated reviews by one.

What is the difference between asking for Amazon and Goodreads reviews, and asking for Amazon or Goodreads reviews.

When you ask for Amazon and Goodreads reviews, the reviews will be counted as validated when the reviewer posts a review on both Amazon and Goodreads. When you ask for Amazon or Goodreads reviews, the reviews will be counted as validated when the reviewer posts a review on either Amazon or Goodreads.

Will my book remain visible in your website when all promos have been claimed?

Your book will be removed from the results when all promos have been claimed. However, your book will remain in your account so you can easily add more promo copies in the future.

Why do I have less promo book copies than book titles?

At least one book title in your account does not have any promo copies.

“The email you entered is already registered”

You will get this error if you try to register with an email that was successfully registered in the past, or if you try to register with an email that is attached to an already registered Social account (Google or Facebook). Please use another email or use the Forgot your password link in the bottom of the login page.

I don’t understand the numbers on my Publisher dashboard.

Hover over each number to see a short explanation of what it is. Note the math symbols next to each number.

Validated + Pending + Removed reviews = Total reviews = Claimed promo copies

Claimed promo copies + Unclaimed promo copies = Total promo book copies

I received an unfair review. What now?

Add more promo copies and get more reviews. If your book is good, the good reviews will dominate any occasional bad review.

I signed up as a Publisher, but I also see a Reviewer account tab in my account.

Every user has both Publisher and Reviewer functionalities in their account. You can be both at the same time, or you can use only one. It’s up to you. However, you cannot claim or review your own book titles.

Am I allowed to distribute my book file through Fiveabook?

For Book File to Kindle Email promos, you must check with your current Publishers / Book distributors if you can distribute a review copy free of charge. If you are enrolled in KDP Select, you cannot create Boοk File to Kindle Email promos.

You can always use Prepaid and Gift Amazon Links without any resctrictions.

Can I add erotica book titles?

As long as your erotica is published on Amazon, it is good to be promoted on Fiveabook as well. Please be mindful of adding erotic and LGBT titles to unrelated categories for obvious reasons.

Can I buy book gift / prepaid links from myself for $0.99? from Amazon?

You can buy your book from yourself at whatever price you have set it. For maximum savings, we recommend putting your book on a $0.99 Kindle Countdown Deal for a day or two, and buying as many copies as you need during the promo. The final cost (after royalties paid back to you) will be around 30 cents per copy.

Note that, in order to use a Kindle Countdown Deal, your book must be enrolled in KDP Select which means that you cannot create Book File to Kindle Email promos at Fiveabook.

Can I have multiple accounts.

Yes, multiple accounts are allowed. For example, you might want to keep your Reviewer and Publisher account separate for management and access reasons. However, we cannot merge accounts together so please make plan ahead accordingly.

How many book promos can I add in total?

You can currently add up to a total of 500 promo book copies per book title. You can add up to 100 copies at a time.

How many book titles can I add in total?

There is no limit to the number of book titles you can add.

My book is not on Goodreads. Can I use Fiveabook?

Yes, but we strongly recommend you add your book on Goodreads to maximize your reviewer reach.