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"No one Cares about this Book"

This is what readers think when they see a book with zero or few reviews.

It is harsh but it is true and it makes getting those first reviews really, really hard.

Becoming a Reviewed Author is Tough

So you go out of your way to get these reviews. You ask your friends, you chase book bloggers, you buy special software, and you try to exchange reviews with other authors.

You shouldn’t have to do any of this.

Get Reviews the Right and Easy way

Fiveabook will give you the tools you need to distribute your book to reviewers and get reviews while you sleep.

No more looking like “no one cares” ! No more guessing how successful your book could have been!

Get reviews in 3 easy steps

We buy Amazon gift copies of your Kindle book, or you upload your book

We give you a Facebook bot and a Fiveabook hosted page to distribute your books

You promote your bot with Facebook ads and share the hosted page on your blog and social media

Why it works

Amazon allows publishers to give away free review copies of their book.

Amazon does not allow publishers to promise rewards in exchange for reviews; however, publishers are free to choose who to give review copies to.

Publishers can use fiveabook to give away free review copies to reviewers who meet the publisher's requirements. For example, a publisher may require that a reviewer has already reviewed 3 books through fiveabook.

Readers can use fiveabook to get free books. They are incentivized to write reviews for the books they received so that they can meet publisher requirements for other books.

Benefits & Features

Bot marketing

Use Facebook bots to distribute your book to reviewers while you sleep! Not sure how it works? Take our bot for a test drive


We track reviews left so you can make the most-informed decissions based on historical performance.


More reviews means more sales which means even more reviews which means even more sales.

Pricing & Guarantees


$2.99 per delivered review.

Volume discounts available.

You should also take into account the cost of buying your own book as a Gift from Amazon.com

Results guarantee

You only pay when you receive the review.If you don't receive a review, you don't pay.

If the reviewer arrived from your referral link (i.e. you sent them here), you don't pay.

Legit & honest reviews

This service is 100% compliant with Amazon's Terms.

Reviewers are never penalized or rewarded for how negative or positive their review was.
Hey wait! Doesn't Amazon prohibit paying for book reviews?

Amazon prohibits paying somebody to write a review for your book. You are paying us to get access to marketing tools that may result in book reviews. Since neither you or we pay somebody to write a review for you, you are good with Amazon.

"Book authors and publishers may continue to provide free or discounted copies of their books to readers, as long as the author or publisher does not require a review in exchange or attempt to influence the review" - Amazon

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Get me book reviews!
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